What is the Department of Magic?

Magic Potions Tavern

Welcome to the Magic Potions Tavern! Don your wizard robe, grab your magic wand and brew up a delicious concoction.

Make someone fall helplessly in love with you, create liquid gold like alchemists of old, bubble the bones of your enemies.

Brew up a magical experience for you and your wizard friends.


  • Magical Ales

    And Potions cocktails too

  • Traditional Tavern Games

    Free table games for customers

  • The Lost Property Room

    Magical items lost & found

  • Edinburgh Walking Tours

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The Wizard Council

  • Iain Campbell

    Head of Magical Creatures Regulation

  • Ben Verth

    Chief Wizard of Magical Secrecy

  • David Bleese

    Minister Of Alchemy

  • John Millar

    Head Warlock For Magical Objects

Things You Need To Know!

This is not a traditional escape game. Sure, you have 50 minutes to defeat the Dark Lord or they will destroy you. But to do this, you must collect the Phrophecies to enter the final chamber. It's a bit like a cross between the Crystal Maze and an escape room set in a magical world.
the wizards at department of mystaeries
The Department of Magic is set in a world of witchract and wizardry. It is inspired by all kinds of magic and fantasy stories. It is not specifically a Harry Potter themed attraction. This would be breach of Warners Brothers' copyright, we don't want that.
The wizards at the department of Magic
The maximum in a booking for a slot is 5. For a larger groups, we would split you into teams and they would compete against each other to see who could defeat The Dark Lord in the quickest time. That would mean booking adjacent slots.

When one team are in the game, the others can relax in the tavern and enjoy a conspiratorial drink. You just need to book slots side by side.

the wizards at the department of Magic

Prophecies Quest:
The Dark Lord is at large once again... you will need to recollect all of the hidden Prophecies that he and his minions have placed throughout the Department! You will use a combination of magical puzzles, brainteasers and riddles along with your own common sense, teamwork and brain power to defeat the Dark Lord and save the wizarding world!

Dark Lord Resurrection:
There have been more than whispers that the Dark Lord's followers have discovered a way to revive him once and for all. Will you join their ranks and brew the Potion of Life? Using a combination of magical puzzles, brain teasers and riddles along with your own common sense, teamwork and brain power you will decide if you want to restore the Dark Lord to his former glory...or take the power for yourselves.

You will have 50 minutes of game time, but you should arrive 15 minutes before to relax and settle in at the Magic Potions Tavern and grab tankard of something special..
All teams meet at the Magic Potions Tavern. You can get there by broomstick, of course, but if you prefer muggle transport then we are just off the Royal Mile and about a 5-minute walk from Waverley train station in Edinburgh.
If you are running late, please phone as soon as possible at 0131 357 0377 and we can try to fit you in. However, due to the nature of the game, if you arrive too late we may be unable to accommodate your booking. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.
The Magic Potions Tavern is located down one flight of stairs; however, the Dark Lord Resurrection is accessible, as you do not need to actually enter the Tavern to access this game and the game is located is on ground level. Please note in your booking that you will require that your Games Master meet you outside the Tavern and escort you to the escape game. Or, call us up and see what we can do to accommodate you!
Department of Magic is designed to be played by groups of between 2 and 5 people. However, if you're part of a bigger group, we regularly book both our games so your teams can compete against each other! Whilst we design the game to be as accessible as we can, the nature of the experience means that children under the age of 10 may find some of the puzzles difficult.
Absolutely, come and soak up the magical atmosphere. We have bubbling, colour-changing, interactive Potions Cocktails (kids ones too!) to meet your wizarding fancy, and board games to entertain you.