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A World Of Witchcraft & Wizardry

Your Quest

The world of witchcraft and wizardry is in peril. As our last hope it is up to you to assemble your order and collect The Prophecies. The Dark Lord has scattered them throughout the Department of Magic and you must find them and use them before it is too late. You must hurry, the Dark Lord is on his way and only you can stop him.

The Old Tavern

Can’t get that spell to work? Potions got you down? Come and relax at the Old Tavern. The perfect getaway for any witches and wizards in need of refreshment and relaxation. Remember, the Barkeep might be more than they seem. Say the right word and your adventure begins!

The Department Of Magic

The Department of Magic once stood as a beacon of all that is important in the world of witchcraft & wizardry. Now it is in the possession of the Dark Lord and his minions. Hidden within are the very Prophecies that will help stop him. It will take all of your magical abilities but you must send out your owls, gather your Order and step inside The Department of Magic.

Who Can Play?


What trip to Edinburgh, home of mediaval witches & wizards, would be complete without experiencing some magical fun. Make your holiday more memorable by visiting the Department Of Magic.

Friends & Family

Looking for something different and exciting? Then the Department Of Magic is for you! A fantastic family day out, even dad will enjoy it! Can you collect the prophecies and defeat the Dark Lord?


Fan of escape games? Then make sure you try out magical mystery rooms. Defeating the Dark Lord is the name of the game. See if you can do it quickly enough to top our leaderboard!

2 - 5 Players, 50 mins game time

What Does The Magical Community Think?

Overall, an amazing experience and I would highly recommend to anyone visiting Edinburgh!
Beth E
I was totally immersed in the experience throughout. Highly recommend.
Jenny L
We all had a fab day, thanks so much. Was a good laugh, staff are all lovely.
Laurina G

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